Easy Peasy Lemon cake

In our house the lack of a homemade cake in the tin is almost as bad as running out of milk.

So I have a hand written  book full of recipes for easy, quickly made cakes .

When the cry went out today “Is there any cake for work tomorrow”,I dived into the recipe book for the easiest.

This lemon drizzle cake is moist, light and lush.

For two small  loaf tin shaped cakes you need

2 eggs.

2 lemons, zest grated.

8oz self raising flour.

6oz sugar.

4floz milk.

4oz vegetable oil.

2 small loaf tins lined.

for the topping

juice of 2 lemons,4 tablespoons sugar.

what you do

Preheat oven to gas4 /180c.

In a medium bowl whisk all the ingredients for the cake together until it forms a lump free batter.

Divide between the loaf tins.

Bake for approx. 30 to 35 minutes ,or until cooked right through.

Whilst warm pierce the cakes with a skewer several times (so the topping soaks into the sponge)

Combine the topping ingredients and pour evenly over the warm cakes.

Leave to cool in the tins.

An  added bonus with this cake is ,the use of oil lowers the saturated fat levels in the cake as opposed to a cake made with butter or high fat margarine. So to me its a win, win situation.

I hope you feel inspired to make this  cake and enjoy it.


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