Love brown paper and string,you’ll love this.

I love everything to do with brown paper and string, wrapping with it ,decorating with it, using it on cards,brown paper tags the lot.

So when I saw a Xmas decoration that looked like a ball of wool at a garden centre recently ,the brain started whirring.

The result,mini decorations of a ball of string and a roll of brown paper.

All you need to make these are ,string, brown paper,P VA glue and cotton balls(available from all good from craft shops)

Step  1- Roll a small piece of torn brown paper into a rough tube and glue to secure, set aside to dry

Step  2-Make a small hole in the top of the cotton ball and glue in a loop of string as a hanger.

Step  3-Smoother the cotton ball with PVA glue, then quickly wrap with string covering the ball completely

Step  4-Continue wrapping string around the ball in a more casual fashion to add texture, gluing as you go.

Step  5-Add a string bow to the top near the hanger

Step  6-Glue the tube of brown paper to the back of the ball of string.

Let it dry overnight ………Hang them on the tree.   (note. The 20p is to show scale)

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