I love Lollipop sticks.

What I actually mean to say is ,I love to use lollipop sticks in my craft projects.

Since being part of the docrafts design team I have tried to expand my creativity to use different products in my projects.

During the past couple of weeks I have made two projects using lollipop sticks,these will appear on here shortly.

But I would like to show you a quick project I made today using the leftover lolly sticks.

The lolly sticks have been painted and stuck onto a piece of scrap card (cut  in the shape of a heart).

The edges were neatened and sanded , dots of black marker represent nails.

A resin flower and string bow add a finishing touch before the heart was attached to a kraft card blank.

Finally a wooden sentiment banner is added.

I would love to know what you think,or if you use lolly sticks for crafting.

There are lots more ideas and inspiration at

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14 thoughts on “I love Lollipop sticks.

    1. Thank you Jackie,are you the Tinyrose from the Docrafts forum ?,if so I love your work. I am now on the Docrafts design team so watch out for more lolly stick projects coming up from me on the site………hugs Mags x


  1. Hi Mags,

    I bought a bag of lolly sticks for a project that never happened, and have been thinking of possible ideas to use them. I would never have thought of doing this but it has inspired me. Did you manage to die cut the lolly stick heart? I imagine it would be a bit too thick even for the Sizzix Originals, but I might have to try! Don’t think any other sort of cutting would work out well with me doing it!

    Cazzytoo on Docrafts.

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    1. Hi Carol, I stuck the lolly sticks onto a piece of card cut into the heart shape (after I had painted and inked them) then when they where dry I trimmed the excess off with a pair of kitchen scissors ,then sandpapered the edges and inked again. Hope this helps……………………… out for more lolly stick ideas on docrafts ,I am on a bit of a roll with them xxx Mags


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