Cute little sewing boxes.

After a busy few days at work and a busy weekend I thought I ought to get back to my blog. So today s  post  is about two little sewing boxes.


I buy the basic unpainted boxes from a shop called The Works.They are very reasonable and nice and easy to decorate.

This is how I get the crackle effect on the boxes.

The first step is to paint the inside , leave to dry and then paint the outside. I use good quality emulsion paint.

Next thin down your top coat paint, again I use emulsion, in a different colour. The ratio is , 2 parts paint to 1 part water.

Do the same with some PVA glue using the same ratio.

I recommend that you work on one small area at a time with the next two steps . eg. a side , the base or the lid.

Brush a small amount of the thinned PVA over the area ,making sure that the area is well covered.

Brush the PVA over the area in horizontal and vertical brush strokes,leaving as many brush strokes visible as possible.

Next working as quickly as possible paint the area with the thinned paint,try not to go over any area twice.

Dont worry about the paint not being in an even coat,this just adds texture to the finished item.

Now dry the area with a hair drier set on warm,as if by magic the crackles will appear.

Repeat with the rest of the box sides,lid etc. Leave to dry overnight

Once dry the box can be decorated as elaborately or simply as you wish.

Have fun !  I would love to see your creations if you have a go.


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