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A new crafting addiction

As crafters I think we all go through Phases ,products we just stop can’t stop using , card sizes we fall in love with,a new technique etc, etc.

Well I think I have a new addiction. I have at last given in and started scrap-booking.

I said I would never start because I knew what would happen, I would get hooked , and yes I am now well and truly addicted.

It all started with an anniversary weekend away in York,a fantastic break with my hubby.

We had a fabulous meal at the Blue Bicycle and when paying the bill they gave us a postcard as a business card.

Well you all know what we crafters are like ,if it’s pretty or sparkles or glitters then we don’t throw it away.

So what to do with the pretty postcard ?. Silly question really, Scrapbook page obviously !.So the addiction began.

So here is the first Scrapbook page. I hope you like it.

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