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Docrafts Craft Stamper Project

Hi ,sorry I’ve been missing lately !.

I have been busy crafting for the docrafts Creativity magazine which is so much fun.

Sometimes it’s a challenge with a  project ,sometimes it’s just great fun and such a buzz.Even when the project is a challenge I think that’s a good thing,moving outside your comfort zone and thinking differently is always good for creativity (pun intended).

Anyways back to the Craft Stamper project.

This came about when the PR lady at docrafts asked if 3 of the Project Design Team would like to decorate a Bare Basics Shadow box to be featured in another magazine.Well we all jumped at the chance and I was lucky enough to be chosen.

I chose a sewing theme using the Creativity Essentials Haberdashery stamps and wooden icons along with a few stash items I had tucked away.

I love the end result and plan to start the next shadow box soon,I just need to decide on a theme.At the moment I am torn between : Seaside and nature , Steam-punk and industrial or the new Mr Smith range from docrafts . Let me know which you prefer and I may be swayed !

Without further ado here’s the shadow box.



9 thoughts on “Docrafts Craft Stamper Project

    1. Hi Clare,they are paper,really easy to make.
      Cut a big circle of paper,cut a spiral in towards the centre,fold the spiraled paper in half so you have a thiner spiral.
      Work from the outside in towards the middle ,using a quilling tool twist the spiral into a rose shape,glue to secure.
      Hope this makes sense,have fun x


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