When is a tree not a tree ?

The answer is  when it’s a bunch of flowers.

Ok I will explain,a  little while ago I was given a commission for a card using the Docrafts Build a Tree Stamp Set. The card was made,sent off to Docrafts and I was able to keep the stamp set.

I started thinking it was a shame not to use it again,but to be honest it wasn’t my most favorite stamp set ever. I must admit I do try to find inspiring and unusual ways of  using the products I am given,so in the middle of the night when I couldn’t sleep I came up with this idea.P1020501

Instead of stamping the tree once I stamped it several times on the same piece of card stock ,changing the angle each time.In this way the tree trunk became flower stems and the branches mingled into flower stems. Next it was easy to stamp the leaves and some tiny flowers from the same stamp set.

Once the ink was dry I made some flowers from plain cardstock and paper,glued these on.added a bow and a few pearls.

The card was finished with a stamped sentiment and a couple of mini butterflies made from punched mini hearts.


I hope you like the result which I have christened my Build a Bunch card

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