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Mixed media and art journaling

Hello there and welcome ,or welcome back if you have visited before .

I have been enjoying my mixed media journey and have started an art journal.

I take great inspiration from Marta Lapkowska and have joined her Facebook page Maremi’s Creative Cafe . The   inspiration is awesome. Why

not take a look ?

Today I thought I would share some art journal pages ,so here they are.

There is a wide variety of styles .I’d love to hear which is your favorite.

Thanks for visiting




13 thoughts on “Mixed media and art journaling

    1. Thank you so much, I’m glad you like them . The sqares of texture paste were indeed made with a stencil but not a normal ready made stencil for art work. The stencil I used was in fact a mesh pizza plate desighned to heat pizza in the oven. it is approx. 12 inches across, round and made from silicon coated mesh. I bought it at one of our local £ (discount) shops. I hope this helps you to source alternative stencils at a lower cost !!

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