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Exciting news

I know it’s been a while ,well ok longer than a while , since I sat down and posted on the blog. I know I should make a timetable and stick to it but life just seems to get in the way. Anyway here I am again with a bit of news .

I follow quite a few Facebook groups ,all linked to crafts and mixed media. One of those groups is Our Mixed Media Moods .The group is hosted and run by Dee Dee Catron and Jenn Engle. Once a month they post a mood board and a couple of videos to inspire members to create projects.

I really enjoy watching the creative process they both go through to create their projects. I have also learnt such a lot from them ,as a newish convert to mixed media I need all the tutorials I can get .

Well, guess what ? .They are going to use a couple of my photos in their September mood board. I am super excited and honoured that they think my photos are worth using on the mood board.

So Jenn asked if I would like to link a project inspired by the mood board to the post when it goes live .How could I refuse an offer like that !. So here is the project and a few step by step pics on the process .

If you would like to pop over to the Facebook group and see where all the fun takes place ,here is the link Our Mixed Media Moods Facebook Group

The mood board with my photos on is just gorgeous, well in my opinion anyway LOL.


I used the colours and textures along with the seaside theme to inspire an assemblage with some mixed media techniques added for interest. I hope you like my interpretation of the mood board.



The start of the project was believe it on not a pile of wood that was destined for our fire.

The wood was originaly packing from a shipment of cedar shingles for my husbands new shed.I took one look and saw potential.


Not only was it a fabulous combination of the mood board colours but it also had so much texture .

My hubby was kind enough to cut it into 3 equal sized pieces and then I sanded some areas to highlight the texture and grain. The next step was to add texture paste through a stencil (Dutch Doobadoo) along some areas ,followed by using a length of mesh ribbon as a stencil on other areas, again with texture paste.



The next step was to add recycled garden mesh and the type of netting used to pack fruit. Strands of muslin also added texture.


I have a large collection of shells and driftwood from our favorite holiday beech at Polperro in Cornwall. I used an assortment to decorate the wood bases ,Heavy Body gell was invaluable for this .P1040745


A few micro beads to cover the gel which showed and the set were ready to stand on the base . P1040741

I decided to make the project free standing on the base ,that way each piece of wood can be moved and appreciated from alternative angles. A little bit like interactive art. The shell and sea glass on the base are also loose so they can be moved around .Who knows I might even decide to fill a shallow tray with sand to sit them in ,then I could have an interactive art sandpit to play in !

let me know what you think and if you like the idea of interactive art projects .

Happy crafting  and thanks for visiting

Mags x






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